My name is Shiketa Morgan and I am a Business Owner, web entrepreneur, freelance writer and a self published author. I've been a business owner since 1998 and a Freelance writer sine 2005.

I have a AA in Business Administration and a MBWA in Business, I manage my business by walking around. I love being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur has enabled me to tap into my creative side and I love it.

I have published several e-books, currently writes several niche related blogs, published business, childcare and health related articles for many publications.

Also, I consult childcare business owners online, because that is my area of specialty. After being in business for 13 plus years, I have learned so much.

Now I take what I've learned and I share it in the form of articles, e-books and blog post. The top three things that I've learned in business are:
  1. Develop your leadership abilities
  2. Never operate a business solely for the money
  3. Keep family first!
I believe that if you remember those three things above, that you will be highly successful in business.
I hope that you enjoy the post on this blog and as always, I look forward to your comments.

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With Business in Mind,